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Privacy Policy

Swiit Apps Privacy Policy


Swiit Apps, LLC (“we”/“us”) is committed to protecting your privacy. Our mobile app Locally™ is available for your use as a neighborhood bulletin board where you share information and pictures by your own free will.

When you create a post, the address for that current location is determined by our app Locally and that post will be located at that local address. You can drag your post when you first tap Post, however the drag feature is limited to your current location. In other words, you cannot drag your post and drop it in Chicago if you are physically present in California.

We do not collect any personal information or personally identifiable information from your device (other than your non-personal device UDID prior to iOS 5.0).  A unique installation identifier (UUID) for the app is generated and is used to create your personal account in our app Locally. You may connect to a Social Plugin from within the app, however we do not use any of your publicly available personal or friend information from your accounts.

If as a user, you choose to share personally identifiable information (e.g., your name, email, telephone number)  for certain types of posts (e.g., you are selling your car and need people to call you back) using the app Locally, then you have done so consciously and for a valid reason, and at your own risk.

We encourage our users not to post personally identifiable information because they can get around by using arbitrary usernames, initials and emails that are not personably identifiable (e.g., jk77@yahoo.com).  However, if any user shares personally identifiable information we cannot restrict or hide it in our app Locally and the same is visible to everyone around you.

The information you post is visible to everyone around the location of the post, but limited by a proprietary algorithm that takes into account distance, radius and density of Locally posts around your location. Your posts may be visible in neighboring cities or a neighboring state, but these cities and states need to be near your location.

In addition, your posts are visible to others who may visit areas around your location. Likewise, if you move to another location everyone else's posts are also visible to you. 

In other words, everyone can view any neighborhood bulletin board depending on their  current location. 

Locally is a community app. Your individual posts can be viewed by others around you as well as socially shared using the Social Share features built into our app Locally. You too have the same privilege to view anyone else's posts and socially share them with your social graph.


You are always free to DELETE your own posts and delete the app Locally™ from your device. However, if another user has social-shared your post then we do not have access to that information anymore.

By using Locally, you consent to the use of your information you post as described in this Privacy Policy. Except as set forth in this Privacy Policy, your Personal Information will not be used for any other purpose without your consent. We will not actively collect Personal Information for the purpose of sale or marketing in a way that specifically identifies the individual. In other words, we don’t sell customer lists. 

If we plan to use your Personal Information in future for any other purposes not identified above, we will only do so after informing you by updating this Privacy Policy. See further the section of this Privacy Policy entitled ‘Amendment of this Policy’.

Important Exceptions

We created our app Locally™ for the neighborhood and the community. It is a social app.

While the app is open for anyone to use, the use of this app is not intended for sharing posts that are offensive, derogatory, predatory or criminal in nature. 

You cannot blame anyone else for posts originating from your device, unless you can genuinely prove that your device was reported stolen, or genuinely lost, and not anymore in your possession. 

If Swiit Apps receives a written request from its users of such violation, we will block your device from further using the app Locally™ and will delete ALL your posts

Swiit Apps, LLC is not liable or responsible, in any way or form, for the nature, quality or types of items that may be bought, sold,shared, rented or traded using the neighborhood pin board app Locally. Rules, laws and preexisting regulations of trade in your country are still binding on the user. 


We use commercially reasonable efforts to store and maintain your post in a secure environment. We take technical, contractual, administrative, and physical security steps designed to protect your posts. 

Amendment of this Policy

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. If we decide to change this Privacy Policy in the future, we will post an appropriate notice on the home page at http://www.swiitapps.com/Tips.html

Any non-material change (such as clarifications) to this Privacy Policy will become effective on the date the change is posted and any material changes will become effective 30 days from their posting on our website www.swiitapps.com.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions of if you find any errors in our information about you, please contact us by email at: whatsup@swiitapps.com or by filling out a query form on the contact page of the Website: 


If you have a complaint concerning our compliance with applicable privacy laws, we will investigate your complaint and if it is justified, we will take appropriate measures.

Date: March 22,  2013


Swiit Apps, LLC